April Stallworth

Tucson Synchro Team Coach

April Stallworth

Tucson Syncho Coach

April Stallworth has been a part of the synchro swimming world for 43 years – ever since her mom signed her up for the sport when she was 8. The beauty and athleticism of synchronized swimming is what April find captivating about it.  April is captivated by synchronized swimming not only because it is so athletic but also because of the beauty it entails.

April has been very successful as a competitive synchronized swimming athlete.  During her swimming career, April won Jr. Nationals and swam on a collegiate synchronized swimming team.  April’s passion for synchronized swimming was further inspired by her U of A swimming coach, Kathy Kretschmer.    She learned a lot from Kathy’s leadership skills and role modelling, which has served April well as she moved from being a competitive synchronized swimmer to coaching.

Now, and for the past 28 years, April has coached competitive teams at Tucson Synchro and, more recently, became the Head Coach of the U of A synchronized swimming team.  She enjoys being part of the sport so much that she would continue coaching even if she weren’t getting paid for her coaching expertise.

She is most passionate about her family and prides herself in her success raising children.  Perhaps it was this strong maternal instinct that also led her to get a degree in child development, which she uses working in special education.

When she’s not doing synchro, her family competes in Ironman events.