Judy Dasse

Tucson Synchro Guest Coach


Judy Dasse

Synchronized swimming has been central part of Judy Dasse’s life ever since her first introduction to the sport at age 7.

The attraction to synchronized swimming for Judy began with the many close friendships she made with all the girls on her team, some of whom are still a part of her life today.  She regards the sport as one that quickly bonds you to your teammates and your team becomes your family.  Although for Judy, it really is a family affair.  When she first started in synchronized swimming, both her sister and brother competed with her.  Now she has three daughters, all of whom are also involved in the sport.

Judy maintains her involvement in synchronized swimming as both a competitive athlete and as a volunteer judge and assessor at Arizona and Regional Synchronized swim meets.  As a Masters swimmer, she has competed at National competitions, along with her childhood duet partner, where she earned Gold and Bronze for Team and Duet events.

When Judy is not with her Synchro family, she continues her healthy lifestyle through riding bikes and playing other sports such as soccer and softball.  She also plays the piano, guitar and ukulele as an expression of her love for music.