Gaslight Theater Fundraiser

Join The Tucson Synchro Athletes for The Gaslight Theater Fundraiser.

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The Gaslights Theater Presents

“Phantom of the Opera”

Ticket Sales Support Tucson Synchronized Swimming

It costs a lot to support a synchronized swimmer that can hold their breath under water forever, swim retunes that would make most adults cry, and shuttle them from competition to competition.  The truth is if we want to achieve our goals, we need to bring in more funds.  We aren’t looking for your support so we can swim in a pool of luxury; we want to work hard to make you proud of an organization that believes in female youth athletics and the dividends that will be paid by these young women as they grow to become successful leaders in our community.

So to support our goals we have fundraising campaigns and one of our most favorite events is The Gaslight Theater Fundraisers.  Twice a year the Tucson Synchro Team gets all dressed up and sells tickets to one of Tucson’s finest family entertainment venues, The Gaslight Theatre.  The Gaslight Theater has been presenting musical comedy melodramas 6 nights a week, with 5 different shows per a year, for over 35 years running.

Join the Tucson Synchro athletes for the Gaslights Theaters presentation of “Phantom of the Opera” Sunday, Oct. 22nd for the 3 pm show.  Come and cheer the hero and boo the villain while enjoying pizza, ice cream, soft drinks and copious amounts of free popcorn!

If you’d like to help Tucson Synchro maintain what really matters, fostering young athletes that resonate good sportswomenship rather than coach potatoes, then please consider becoming a supporter.

You don’t have to donate a thing, just buy a ticket to the show and the Gaslight Crew will do the rest; we promise, we will make it worth every penny…

This Tucson Synchro Event Is Sponsored by

The Gaslight Theater

Your Benefits For Supporting This Tucson Synchro Event


  • Family fun entertainment
  • Pizza, soft drinks, and loads of free popcorn
  • Amazing musical comedy melodramas 
  • The opportunity to Cheer the hero and Boo the villain
  • Hang out with the coolest swimmers in-town 


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