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Why Sponsor Tucson Synchro Coach?

Your support will help cover competition fees, swimming supplies, travel for out of town competitions.

One of the major financial challenges with all most all competitive youth sports today is the increasing cost of equipment, uniforms, training facilities, and traveling to competitions. These extra costs make it increasingly hard for many families to afford athletic opportunities for their children.  These financial challenges are the primary reason why so many youth sport clubs and organizations depend upon financial support from their local communities.

At Tucson Synchro we believe the chance to be a part of an athletic team should be available to all children regardless of income. That is why all sponsorship's and fundraising for Tucson Synchro goes towards our athletes competitive endeavors. Therefore, sponsoring a team page, coach page, or an event is how we create opportunities for supporters of Tucson Synchro, and sponsoring a coach is really just another fun way of supporting our young female athletes and maintaining a safe and high quality learning environment.

At Tucson Synchro we believe the chance to be a part of an athletic team should be available to all children regardless of income and why many clubs and athletic organizations keep costs low and fund-raise hard to enable athletic opportunities for everyone.

If you don't sponsor Tucson Synchro that's OK - but please find a local athletic club or organization you can support and help our community build young leaders for a strong future.


The benefits of sponsoring a coach's page:


With your sponsorship we will display your logo on the Tucson Synchro coach’s page of your choice and provide a backlink to your website for the period of one year. As you may know, back links from other websites are critical to the SEO of your website and helps your site ranking in search engines. While purchasing a logo and link opportunity on our site helps our team it also directly helps your sites SEO and promotes your organizations positive participation in the Tucson community by supporting girl’s athletics.

Additionally, you and your organization will receive acknowledgment of your support in a framed image with a picture of the Tucson Synchro team and recognition of your organization.


  • Head Coach Page Sponsorship cost $400  

  • Assistant Coaches Page Sponsorship (Each) Cost $250

  • Guest Coaches Page Sponsorship (Each) Cost $200

Example of a ‘Web Page Coach Sponsorship’ Fly-In Logo

See more benefits below example.

This Tucson Synchro Coach Is Sponsored by

Your Name Here!

Your Benefits for Supportting for Tucson Synchro


  • Fly-In Logo on the coaches page you sponsor
  • Your specified link attached to your logo
  • Framed image of the Tucson Synchro team and recognition of you organizations sponsorship


We also have other website, event, fundraising, and sponsorship opportunities available. To sponsor a Tucson Synchro coach's page, please reach out to us through our contact us page and let us know how you would like to be a part of this very special and exciting team of young women.



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