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‘Tucson Synchro’ is Tucson Arizona’s premier synchronized swimming team.    The team was started in 1972 by head coach Candy Kaemerer and is still swimming strong 35 years later.    The Tucson Synchro coaching staff is passionate about their athletes, synchronized swimming, and proud to be an important part of female athletics in the desert southwest.

As a community, when we involve children in athletics, especially girls, we are helping to create the next generation of professional young women inspiring them to be leaders, by engaging them in exciting athletic programs that build character, responsibility, and organizational skills, while fostering well-rounded life capabilities including communication and self-confidence.

Our goals at Tucson Synchro are to maximize each individual athletes potential, maintain an exciting athletic environment, expand our team, and help these young women contribute positively to their sport, families, and communities.  And… Most of all… Have fun!


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Synchronized Swimming

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Organized sports, such as synchronized swimming, not only keep kids healthier physically, but mentally as well. Research shows that children who are involved in organized sports are frequently physically stronger than their less athletic peers, smarter, have a more positive body image, and experience higher states of psychological well-being.  In addition, sports build confidence, develop focus, and teach kids emotional control.

Tucson Synchro – Life Long Success

Sport has been one of the most important socio-cultural learning experiences for girls and women for many years.  Our girls learn essential life skills, such as hard work, patience, persistence, and how to respond positively to setbacks and failure.

Tucson Synchro has been successful in state, region, zone, and national competitions for over 40 years.  Our coaches have encouraged many young girls in a sport that promotes self-discipline, good self-esteem, team work, and health for a life time.



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Tucson Synchro is a non-profit synchronized swimming team and relies on donations and sponsorships to maintain its commitment to young girls, Tucson, and the sport of synchronized swimming – Please support us and female athletics in Southern Arizona by lending your support through tax-deductible donations.


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A non-profit synchronized swimming team of girls ages 7 to 18 years of age.

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