Alexa Stallworth

Tucson Synchro Coach

Alexa Stallworth

Tucson Syncho Coach

Before even stepping foot in the water, Alexa Stallworth was at the pool watching her mom coach a synchronized swimming team. While she played on the pool deck, Alexa fantasized about when her opportunity to try synchronized swimming would come.  She didn’t have to wait long because she started her synchronized swimming career when she was just five years old.  From that first day in the pool through her last year in high school, she competed with the Tucson Synchro swimming team. When Alexa started her college career in the nursing program three years ago, she continued competing on the U of A synchronized swimming team.

Throughout her synchronized swimming career, Alexa participated at more than 15 national competitions, four of which were on the collegiate level.  For her athletic efforts, Alexa won numerous awards and titles, including being named the National Champion in 2011. She attributes a large part of her success, both inside and outside of the pool, to the value of hard work, dedication, and commitment she learned while at Tucson Synchro.

Alexa’s devotion to the sport revolves around how synchronized swimming pushes girls on a mental and physical level, offers a space for athletes to be involved with a team sport, and build lifelong friendships.  Alexa believes that Tucson Synchro, and synchronized swimming in general, offers more than recreational swimming, it offers a space for one to not only learn how to swim better or compete on a high level, but a sense of self-discovery.

While Alexa was still in college, she decided she wanted to give back to the team that taught her so much by becoming a coach, first for the intermediate team and most recently for the 13-15 age group.  Alexa believes her time as a coach has led to some of her most rewarding accomplishments. In the 2017 season, her synchronized swimming team qualified to compete in Riverside at the National Competition. None of these athletes had participated in a national competition before.  Alexa proudly watched as her team made a great first showing.

Since retiring as a synchronized swimming athlete, Alexa has taken on various athletic challenges.  While still a full-time college student, she competed in both a half- and full-distance Ironman competition.