June Choate

Tucson Synchro Coach

June Choate

Tucson Syncho Coach

June Choate had little exposure to synchronized swimming before she decided to sign her young daughter up for a synchronized swimming team.  That was 43 years ago and she’s been involved in the sport as a parent, a coach, a competition judge, an administrative volunteer, and an all-around team cheerleader ever since.  June has coached synchronized swimming teams for 24 years. Before joining Tucson Synchro, she coached teams in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

June is drawn to the beauty and athleticism of girls’ synchronized swimming. And that is what keeps her devoted to doing the best she can for her swimmers and in judging synchronized swimming competition meets.   Although June looks at her involvement in synchronized swimming as a hobby and is ready to coach and volunteer wherever she’s needed, she nonetheless, took on the serious challenge of training for and earning her certification as a competition judge.

Of course, June is most passionate about her family.  Happily, her enthusiasm for synchronized swimming is shared by her family.  The young daughter she signed up for synchronized swimming years ago continued competing in synchronized swimming. Twice she earned recognition for swimmer of the year, commemorated in the Ft. Lauderdale Hall of Fame, and now coaches as well, both at TucsonSynchro and at the collegiate level.  What’s more, June’s two granddaughters have also become involved in the sport.

During the school year, when she’s not at the pool, June is still watching out for the well-being of young people. As a school crossing guard, she makes sure that children can safely get to and from school each day.